Voor uitsluitend de beste Figaro's direct uit Japan en de UK

A limited number of accessories have been devised for the Figaro by Nissan and a number of suppliers.

Generally very rare and they enhance the car even further.

We usually have these accessories in stock, but please call to be sure.

It is good to know that many accessories come from England.

Please note that you may see lower prices on English sites, but that is without the 10% import duties, customs clearance costs, 21% VAT and high shipping costs...

Our prices are based on delivery from the Netherlands... so don't count yourself rich and avoid a deception afterwards...

Parking stick (a parking aid for the left front bumper),

another one in the house with a golf ball on top 99 euros

Used original Parking Sticks in stock for 199 euros,

New parking stick in chrome for 349 euros

Eyelashes in chrome set for 49,50

Magazine shelf  199 euro

Clarion upgrades:

a digital radio with modern MP-3/CD player built into the original housing, with USB connection, Bluetooth hands-free for wireless calling and streaming from. 599 euros (with trade-in of old original radio*)

Same upgrade radio but with DAB+ or ready for the digital future for 699 euros (with trade-in of old original radio*)

This offer is only available to existing or new Figarospecialist customers

*if no original radio is traded in, an additional charge of 200 euros will apply.

Every Figaro owner has the following 'problem'.....

Under the hood you will see 3 'white' stickers that once contained text that has become blurred or even completely blank over time.

On a Figaro with an extremely low mileage, we saw stickers in their original condition and photographed them and had them recreated on thick laminated 3M sticker material (a few mm larger and punched out with rounded corners)....

So make your Figaro again. original' with these unique stickers....

Set of 3 costs 25 euros

....At the slightest breeze while you want to open or close the roof??

We have the solution, we have special new gas springs that solves the problem, strong enough to keep it open with wind force 8, not too strong so that the lid can still be closed easily.

Does your bootlid drops down from time to time...

You can fit this 'direct replacement' yourself in 5 minutes

We do need the old one for the unique connections.

It will cost you 55 euros and replacing 1 gas spring is enough.....

Luggagerack van Aluminium with wooden slats

Superlight en durable  249 euro

English translated manuals for the Figaro

50 euro

Original Japanese manual 50 euro

Original Japanese 'Roof Opening' card 15 euro

Original Japanese Radio manual, 15 euro

THE MUST have for the do-it-yourselfer:

a workshop manual written specifically for the Figaro!

200 pages in A-4 format with all the tips and tricks for maintaining your Figaro yourself.

Very difficult to obtain,     85 euros

The original Figaro 'flare'

In Japan you are supposed to place a torch behind your car in case of breakdown...

They are not allowed to leave the country, but one is still occasionally found in a car.

Make it completely original with this flare

(with holder for the footwell)    50 euros

Unique: a cassette adapter with built-in SD card slot that plays all your music and can also be used as a stand-alone MP-3 player.

Complete with car charger, USB cable, remote control and even a set of earplugs.

Complete set  40 euros

Completely new laser-cut vinyl roof of Volkswagen quality, with all mounting supplies and instructions for use, 379 euros

Rear window vinyl also in stock for 150 euros

We can now also supply a new roof for your Pao, in gray vinyl for 479 euros.

De meeste logo's worden lelijk na verloop van tijd (chroom laat van het plastic los)

Wij hebben nog een aantal NIEUWE motorkaplogo's op voorraad voor 85 euro

Originele 'bootlight' verlichting in de bagageruimte

99 euro compleet met passende bekabeling, plug en play

Uniek Disney Cars Zonnenscherm houdt de warmte buiten en beschermt je dashboardtop. 

in 3 kleuren leverbaar voor 17,50

Set mit 4 neuen Schmutzfängern mit Figaro-Logo,

hergestellt aus robustem, dickem Kunststoff,

inkl. Befestigungsmaterial

4er-Set kostet 149 Euro