Voor uitsluitend de beste Figaro's direct uit Japan en de UK

A Figaro is a reliable companion provided it is properly maintained.

That is no problem for us.

If equipped with quality oil, a Figaro only needs a minor service once every 7,500 km (or every year) and a major service once every 15,000 km (or once every 2 years).

Nissan prescribes replacing the complete distribution set every 5 years.

Expensive, no, because we purchase specific Figaro parts directly in Japan, partly due to our low hourly rate, we can offer you a complete timing set, including tension roller and water pump replacement, installed, for 339 euros incl. VAT.

Why such low prices?

Our mechanics carry out these jobs so often that they can almost do it with their eyes closed, so they assemble an entire distribution set in 3 hours.

That's called working purely on experience!

A minor service for your Figaro only costs 95 euros incl. VAT and for this the oil is replaced by a semi-synthetic brand oil (not cheap Gamma oil), a new oil filter of the CORRECT type is installed, the front and rear brakes are checked, all checked fluid levels and examined the car on 20 points.

A major service includes the above, but with a 30-point check, replacement of the air filter, spark plugs, valve clearance checked, front and rear brakes completely dismantled and cleaned and the car immediately receives a new MOT.

This major service, which is required once every 15,000 km or so, costs only 239 euros including VAT.

We regularly encounter leaking steering racks, which is an MOT rejection point.

We can overhaul the whole thing for 339 euros incl. VAT

The ENTIRE steering rack is dismantled and the seals, seals and rubbers are replaced.

This can NEVER be done with partial disassembly (as another garage offers) because the inner seals in the steering box can only be removed if the steering box is disassembled on the workbench.

If the steering rack is repaired for you without also replacing the inner seals, the result will be half a repair and ultimately you will not be helped!

The Figaro Service Center in Wateringen is VACO and RDW certified and only fully experienced technicians work on your pride and joy.

You can also contact us for damage repairs and/or appraisals.

We have a good relationship with a recognized appraiser who has already appraised countless Figaros and knows exactly what to look for to determine a correct appraised value for insurance.

He can come to our company or to your home, whatever you want.Standard maintenance prices:

Annual service (every 7500km)

95 euro incl. BTW en montage

Large service  (every 15000km)

239 euro incl. BTW en montage

Cambelt incl. waterpomp & tensioner

339 euro incl. BTW en montage

Steering rack rebuild

339 euro incl. BTW en montage

You are also welcome to contact us for MOT at competitive prices

We always have the right tires in stock, and we do balancing and alignment with the latest digital equipment!

Our qualified technicians replace shock absorbers over a cup of coffee, install timing sets almost with their eyes closed, they have done it so many times.

As a result, the final amount you pay is also much lower, for us nothing is new about a Figaro.

It is not without reason that we are THE Figaro specialist.

The prices mentioned are current and valid and always include VAT, so no surprises.