Voor uitsluitend de beste Figaro's direct uit Japan en de UK

New: Transport service:

Because a growing number of customers increasingly need a one-stop-shopping concept and therefore have the maintenance carried out by us without the inconvenience of driving there and back, waiting, etc.,

we offer a competitive rate of 0. 85 per KM (excl. VAT, minimum amount 100 euros, maximum 800 Km)

We offer a transport service where we pick up your car and, if desired, return it to any address in Europe.

For this we use our service truck with a specially made dolly, where the mileage does not change while driving.

Rene Froger (famous Dutch singer and Fig owner) also has his Figaro collected for maintenance via our 'red carpet treatment' service.

With our extensive experience, we also offer the option of the complete purchase/import process in the exemplary case that you cannot choose from our stock of cars

Selection: tell us your color choice and we will find a suitable, good Figaro for you.

Purchase: once selected, we purchase the chosen car at the most favorable rate in the currency of the country of origin.You simply pay us in Euros and do not need to exchange anything.Physical import: fixed price including crossing, insurance, transport, purchase inspectionAdjust your Figaro to Dutch legislation.

RDW inspection and registration: it seems simpler than it is, but there is quite a bit involved because not all RDW stations recognize the Nissan Figaro.We have permanent inspectors who inspect and assess our cars.

BPM declaration: fully electronic processing of your data.

Make number plates (including exemption for the small type of license plate) in yellow

We can also supply 'old blue' decoration plates* for your Figaro.

MOT inspection with CO2 measurementFor Maintenance and MOT we are equipped with 5 bridges and the most modern digital alignment equipment and we will help you get back on the road quickly at attractive rates.

Because we have recently been exporting many Figaros to countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and Germany, we also have an export service that consists of indemnifying the current owner, drawing up the export document, RDW deregistration, Customs clearance etc, etc.

For Figaro's of Belgium customers we even provide a manual on how to easily register the Figaro in Belgium.

Another happy customer driving home with our exportlicense services