Voor uitsluitend de beste Figaro's direct uit Japan en de UK

A Figaro is a fantastic example of a drawing board idea that

became reality from one of the world's largest car manufacturers.

Every year, car manufacturers make a splash at the major international car fairs with concept cars to show new ideas to the outside world.The Figaro arose from the idea to show that expensive innovative technology can ALSO be put into a small car.

The fact that the designer has been given the freedom to sculpt a classic body makes the whole thing even more interesting.

First designstudies

Because even though it looks like a 1950s vehicle, it is equipped with contemporary technology.

In terms of design, the nostalgia is evident. Many chrome moldings emphasize the round lines, the two-tone color scheme contributes to the classic character.

Add to that the attention to details such as the headlight bezels, taillights, door handles, trunk hinges and white hubcaps and you have a modern classic.

It's no different on the inside: Thick leather seats invite you to take a seat and through the beige 'bakelite' look steering wheel you look out on 2 classic white instruments with speedometer, tachometer, fuel and water temperature gauge, and even an analog Clock

The design of warning lights and switches has also been well thought out and they are those classic old ones with a chrome edge.

The switches are real rocker switches that suddenly became 'hot' on the Mini 10 years later

Wherever you look you see the specific 'fleur de lis' petal shape.

You will find the same design everywhere in the steering wheel, the heater controls, the switches, the door handles.

The radio CD cassette player is a different story.

The Clarion radio unit was specially made for the Figaro, is reminiscent of an old tube radio in size and fits nicely into the design of the entire interior.

We adapt the radio so that it can also receive Dutch channels, as Japan has a different frequency range.

The Clarion door speakers are often completely destroyed and we therefore provide our Figaros with new ones.

The 'modernism' of the Figaro is also evident from the many warning signals you can hear... lights still on, key still in ignition, door not closed properly, car in reverse, tailgate not closed, seat belt not on, the Figaro helps you remember that there is still an action that needs to be done before you can continue.

There is room for the dog, groceries or child seats in the back seat. Two 3-point seatbelts are fitted for small children or the aforementioned seats/booster seats.

In the bottom of the 2!! luggage compartments you will find the spare wheel, the jack, the tools and some space for other items.

As an accessory, there was a drawer for sale that you slide out and on which you can place things that slide right in.

The large, electrically unlocked tailgate accommodates the folding roof, which locks with 2 ingenious latches and thus hinges back into the storage space.

The production model hardly deviates from the first sketches

In terms of Technology:The Figaro is largely based on the Nissan Micra, which makes service and parts very affordable.

In principle, every garage owner can maintain a Figaro.

The 1000cc 4-cylinder engine is linked to a three-speed automatic transmission and is equipped with a Turbo to get more power.

Even in 2023, 76 HP from 1000cc is still enough to keep up with traffic, unlike many contemporaries from 1991!

The Turbo, provided it is in good condition, works excellently and is not so much intended for driving fast but rather to make it more economical at certain speeds.

It therefore only consumes 1 in 12-15 on average.

And with a weight of only 810 kg, it also has cheap road tax and can be insured as a YOUNGTIMER from 100 euros per year.

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The biggest attraction is of course the large folding roof that disappears into the trunk with one action.

The vinyl roof is lined and wonderfully quiet, most roofs shrink slightly due to the sun, all Figaros suffer from this, but they are always leak-free due to the large drainage gutters.

We provide most of our Figaros with a new roof before sale, if one is needed afterwards, a completely new roof vinyl is already for sale for 379 euros for the do-it-yourselfer.

The roof has a heated glass rear window, so you have a good view to the rear, even in winter.

Nissan installed very comfortable leather armchairs in the Figaro where you can sit for hours without getting tired!

They look so big that people often think they come from a big Jaguar, but they are really standard!

When purchasing a Figaro, make sure that the car is correctly registered in the RDW register.

Some Figaros drive around with strips stuck to the headlights so as not to dazzle oncoming traffic, which is absolutely not allowed on a car with a European registration and will certainly cause problems during the annual MOT.

In Brabant a Figaro was recently offered with ABS and 95 HP...

Pure nonsense from sellers who don't know what they are talking about.

The headlights are also sometimes replaced by Volkswagen Golf lamps by sellers who do not know how to PROPERLY adjust the ORIGINAL headlights for a correct light image.

Golf lamps are much smaller than the original and therefore show ugly openings.....

Also be careful with UK registered Figaros, they are often equipped with a mileage counter while it was originally equipped with a KM Speedo, in that case the Figaro has suddenly run 1.6x as much as it indicates...

Offcourse all our cars are correctly equipped!

Does a Figaro also have disadvantages?

Yes, of a psychological and technical nature...

You should not be shy about driving this car.

It stands out not only because of its fifties design, but also because of the matching color scheme.

Be prepared for conversations with complete strangers who will ask you all kinds of questions about the car.

You will have to be patient when you hear for the 80th time from an old owner that he himself had such a car in the past....

You will have to wave and thank you frequently for the compliments you receive while driving.

You will have to learn to walk directly to the right side to get in... (it's very awkward if you want to get in on the wrong side in front of a full terrace)

It is best to train yourself not to mention the brand, because then people will immediately react very differently, no idea why....

So you will automatically and unsolicited be told that it is more than 50 years old and is probably an early MG, Riley, Goggomobil, Renault Dauphine or other kind of English stuff...

Ok, now seriously; the technical side:

A Figaro is always 32 years old! and has therefore properly exposed his strengths and weaknesses during that time.

Maintenance is very important, distribution and water pump must be replaced in time and the Turbo may be worn out.

Rust is a problem with many Figaros (We only sell low-rust ones!)

Underneath, a Figaro is largely based on a Micra, but there are specific Figaro components that are not interchangeable and that can sometimes lead to problems in a normal garage.

The Figaro does have some specific problems, for example the electric windows often malfunction (we adjust them all so that this no longer happens), there are sometimes electrical problems with the fuse box (we modify it so that it can no longer shortcircuit)  and the Figaro engines are sensitive to cooling and heat.

We adapt all our Figaros accordingly by adjusting the engine management and lowering the turbo pressure slightly so that the turbo DOES remain intact and the engine no longer overheats.

In addition, the bolts of the rocker arm shaft sometimes break off, with all the consequences that entails.

We check these and replace them if necessary.

There are also many copies in circulation that are quite rusted.

Not always visible because some body parts are made of plastic!

There are quite a few specimens that have rotted away under the skin, but this is not visible on the outside.

Then the sills, wishbones, subchassis and bottom can become quite crispy!

Always have a Figaro expert look at it to avoid disappointment afterwards!

Does the Figaro still have advantages after reading the foregoing?


Apart from the high cuddliness factor (everyone likes it), it is a reliable companion that will take you everywhere.

It offers a much more modern driving experience than you expect,

a wonderful folding roof so that you are in the sun but not in the wind,

a sporty engine that makes overtaking a pleasure,

a wonderful view of a beautiful dashboard,

a rear seat for child seat(s) or groceries.

Our Figaros are also equipped with central locking with remote control.

And most of all:

He always gives you a smile from ear to ear!!!!!

No gray mouse mentality of today's 500 in a dozen cars,

No, a unique icon that makes you stand out in the current street scene

Pure individualism in the automotive field!

Apart from the fact that everyone has an opinion about the Figaro, there are some statements that we would like to share with everyone;

"It's a shame it's right-hand drive.   

"Believe me, everyone drives away in no time, and it is even extremely convenient when parking, because you look out the window at the sidewalk you park along....You are also much more likely to see cyclists riding next to you when you want to turn right.

'And the parking garage then'

The Figaro is so narrow that if you lift your buttocks a little, you can probably reach the button for the ticket, and for smaller people there is a very handy gripping aid with which you can easily take the ticket from the machine, we supply that with every Figaro....

'But then catch up'

Believe us, a Figaro is so fast that you can pass that big truck in no time....

'Not really a safe car, is it?'

Oh no, 3-point roller belts front and rear, electronic belt tensioners, doors with 'side protection' reinforcement beams, chassis with reinforcement beams and with ventilated disc brakes and power brakes, it is simply a modern car. And because it weighs little, it also stops in time....

'Is something like that a bit comfortable?

'Thought so; thick leather seats, power steering, automatic transmission, electric windows, central locking with remote control and because the roof trusses remain in place when driving open, your hair also remains in shape!

"You're going to keep tinkering with such an old car, right?"

Not at all! It is reliable Nissan technology that guarantees many hundreds of thousands of kilometers with proper maintenance. Parts are always in stock and/or can be delivered quickly via our direct link with Nissan Japan.

'I'm sure parts are no longer available for such an oldie?'

Much can still be ordered new through our contacts, but there is also a lot of second-hand for sale and certainly no problem.

'You can't keep up with the current traffic in such a thing, can you?'

We won't say that you win every traffic light sprint, but the Figaro is much faster than everyone thinks and on the main road it can keep up well. Top speed is even 160, although we don't recommend that to anyone....

The Figaro drives best between 80 and 110 km/h.


4 cil., 987 cc

Max. vermogen :

56 kW/76 pk bij 6000 tpm

Max. koppel :

106 Nm bij 4400 tpm


voorwielen, automatische driebak

Remmen v/a:

geventileerde remschijven/trommels




810 kg

0-100 km/h:

sneller dan je denkt...


160 km/h

Belasting per maand:

€ 16 - € 21

Verbruik gemiddeld*:

6,1 l/100 km (1 op 16,5)

Praktijkverbruik gemiddeld :

6,8-7,5 l/100 km (1 op 13-15)

* = fabrieksopgave