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Test drive in a Figaro....We are open for service and sales.

As always, we work by appointment only, but we are still available for you, even in the evenings and on weekends.

PS: all our Figaros are shown and sold without radio, we offer 5 different radio options and we increasingly hear from customers that they prefer to stream music via a Soundbar.

In any case, original radios must be adapted for use of European channels.

The radio options can be found on the accessories page.

Some of the Figaros offered on this website are on consignment, which means that you buy them from a private person. We have carried out all modifications and major maintenance on these vehicles.

With a total of 355+ sold in 14 years, we are the largest reseller of Figaros in Europe!

Oh yes, to remove any doubts from a future customer, we supply all Figaros with a 3-month warranty and any inspection is always permitted.

We stand behind our end product when we sell it!

A Nissan Figaro is a good, fun, responsible investment. you can enjoy it for years. Unfortunately, something can always happen in traffic, it does not even have to be your own fault.

We therefore always recommend having a valuation report drawn up with the correct value.

Be careful with damaged cars. It often happens that people buy a damaged car in the UK and it is then patched up, often amateurishly, and sold for a lot of money here in the Netherlands.

However, we have a database of ALL Figaros and know whether a car has been damaged or not. In the UK, damage is classified into categories and updated in the RDW database.

It will then be given a CAT-C or Cat-D classification and it will be a total loss car that will no longer be allowed on the road in the UK until it has been re-inspected.

But if you export such a car, that status disappears.

Some carsellers regularly mess around with Odometers and years of manufacture, because we found a Figaro offered in the Netherlands that was supposedly built in 1990, but they were not yet produced at that time.... English license plate : J256DYR, You have been warned!

Also note how some professional car companies offer a Figaro....

We have seen another textbook example of a patched up, completely rotten English Figaro from an EX Nissan Dealer from Nuenen in Brabant.

Everything was masked with pop rivets, polyurethane foam, duct tape and tectyl.

The car has rotted to a life-threatening extent in crucial places near the suspension and will therefore never be able to go on the road again.

This car was sold for a lot of money in September 2015 to an unsuspecting customer who can therefore write it off completely (9 months later)!

We bought the wreck for some parts but it's very sad to see some of the cars being sold.

This company has now also patched up an English damaged copy, license plate H984BUU, be careful.... it now has a Dutch license plate and is for sale from them.....

Please be careful with English Figaros, from the outside it all seems neat, but underneath they can be completely rotten away due to the aggressive road salt with binding agent that is used in England, come by and we will show you the difference....

Totally rotten example

TOO sad for words, sill 'propped up' by riveting a sheet of metal against it...

Everything was well covered with tectyl so that no one saw it.

Don't be fooled by dealers who talk like this Figaro has been completely restored or overhauled and is now completely tectylated, a GOOD Figaro doesn't need a full restoration!

Only rotten specimens are eager to be masked with as much tectyl as possible to hide the subcutaneous condition!

Also stories of a newly installed engine at a specialist do not say much, today we had to send another head gasket set to a car company with a so-called new engine......which now had an overheated engine, due to the earlier installation of wrong type of head gasket!

This car had also not been modified by us in advance.It is such a shame to see that companies think they can imitate us by offering a Figaro, but we also modify them in all vulnerable points so that you can enjoy them for years to come.Also be careful with Figaros that have been driving around in the Netherlands for many years.If it is already a car that has been supplied by us (chances are high if you are the largest supplier for 14 years) it may well be that the car has not been maintained by us and therefore may not have important life-extending upgrades. undergo.

For example, in May 2022, a green Figaro will be for sale on Marktplaats that we sold 9 years ago for 7,000 euros, which has never been with us again for maintenance and upgrades and is now cheerfully offered for 9,750 euros!

You have been warned.