Voor uitsluitend de beste Figaro's direct uit Japan en de UK

As THE Figaro specialist, we have the most common wear parts in stock and, as one of the few specialists in Europe, we have access to the complete parts list that makes up a Figaro and we can order your parts directly from Nissan's database.

We can therefore supply ALL available parts directly from Japan.

As mentioned, we always have the most common wear parts in stock and our prices are all INCLUDING VAT.

Tires in size 165/70-12 69.50 euros each incl VAT incl installation, special long valve and balancing

Remblokken voorzijde

64,50 euro per set incl BTW

Remschoenen achter

57,50 euro per set incl BTW


119 euro per stuk incl BTW

Remschijven voor

139 euro per set incl BTW

Schokbrekers voorzijde

199 euro per set incl BTW

Schokbrekers achterzijde

159 euro per set incl BTW

Koppakkingset compleet

214 euro per set incl BTW

Waterpomp incl. pakking

79 euro incl BTW

Distributieriem incl. spanrol

129,50 euro per set incl BTW

Onderhoudsset: Oliefilter, luchtfilter, bougies

97,50 euro per set incl BTW

Draagarm incl. fuseekogel

110 euro per stuk incl. BTW

Dynamo 50Ah voor Figaro

219 euro incl BTW

Gereviseerd motor onderblok

2250 euro incl BTW

Equipped with new pistons, piston rings, honed cylinders, connecting rod bearing shells and big end bearings, new seals, new water pump, etc, etc

With trade-in of old engine block

Overhauled cylinder head 495 euros incl. VAT

Equipped with grounded valves and seats, new valve seal rubbers, new seal, machine smoothed and pressed

With exchange of old cylinder head

New roof vinyl of VOLKSWAGEN quality (note imitations, the correct version has a black inside and is laser cut for a perfect fit, 379 euros incl. VAT.

Rear window vinyl of the same quality 150 euros incl. VAT

Axle covers, steering ball joint covers, ball joints, brake pads, brake shoes, wheel brake cylinders, brake discs, shock absorbers, or all wear parts always in stock!

Call us for what you need and we will deliver it quickly and can also install it professionally in our Service Center.

2 of 3 ramps we have in our service centre

In 2018 we added 3 more ramps in order to help out even more customers quickly

We also stock winter tyres (with or without rims)