Voor uitsluitend de beste Figaro's direct uit Japan en de UK

Standard procedure for every Figaro we sell:

When a Figaro comes to us, it usually suffers from 'stickie panels', a sticky deposit on the plastic interior parts that we chemically treat that makes the material sticky-free and ensures that this does not occur again.

We dismantle the seatbelts and have them chemically cleaned and install them with a higher tension spring so they roll-up more easy

Significantly cleaner belts that also roll up better.

Most Japanese Figaros suffer from clear lacquer that peels off after 32 years and shows matte spots (see the photos).

In many cases we then completely respray the car to avoid any color difference and immediately remove all the small parking scratches and dents from 32 years of driving.

The result is that there is a fresh, neat car again.

Plastic Parafan discolours different from metal parts

Scratches and dents after 32 years of age are eliminated

Common problem, laquer peel on the top coat

Most of the times the leatherinterior is discoloured due to age, sunlight and sweat

Reconnolised it all looks soo much better

Then he goes to the technical workshop where the Figaro gets fresh oil, fresh petrol, new oil filter, air filter, water pump, timing belt and tensioner and we check the braking system. In most cases we also fit new tires.

Here are 2 of the 3 ramps we have in our service centre

Our explosive growth created a lack of capacity and we added 2 additional bridges in 2018

Then follows the adjustment of the engine management, where we exchange the ECU for a modified one and then we check the turbo pressure, the CO level is readjusted, the overall underside of the car is inspected for broken rubber covers and replaced where necessary.

If the steering rack is leaking, it will be overhauled immediately.

After this, we adjust the headlights so that the light image is properly adjusted for Europe, we modify the electric windows, we immediately install the central locking, we modify the fuse box, we install new speakers, we adjust the radio so that it has European frequencies and, if necessary, a new roof will be installed.

We also install an aid to open the tailgate more nail-friendly and we place a grabber next to the passenger seat.

All this is done so that the car passes the extensive inspection at the RDW in one go, because the RDW inspectors themselves also immediately do the MOT, so there can and may not be anything defective in the car.

We also file the Tax declaration and wait for the new registration docs.

We always have American small license plates made for which we have an exemption from the RDW.

Then it is ready for sale....

Since we give all cars this treatment immediately upon arrival, all our Figaros are READY for sale and you can drive away with them!

So you don't have to wait weeks for administrative processes.